Why Is My CenturyLink Internet Not Working?

by rashywings
Why Is My CenturyLink Internet Not Working?

Slow internet is the one problem that nobody can seem to completely escape from. As advanced as the technology may have become, the problem of slow internet remains. Whether it’s due to threats, security breaches, bad weather, etc., the problem is such that it keeps recurring but it might not always be due to the same reason. Here, in this blog, that is exactly what we will be discussing. Our focus will remain on the possible causes for problems you might face with CenturyLink internet.

While CenturyLink internet is well-known for its amazing speeds and unlimited data allowance, unfortunately, even a service as good as CenturyLink can sometimes face internet issues and connectivity problems. However, that doesn’t mean that you probably can’t fix the problem. In some cases, the problem can be fixed by you, while in others, it might not be so easy. Whatever the case, we’ll share the problems faced by people and their reasons.

Why is my CenturyLink Internet not working?

So, here, we have compiled a list of the questions that people generally might have when facing internet connectivity issues and we have also given out some answers to clarify the reasons and solutions for those problems. Keep reading to know more!

Why is the internet light red on my CenturyLink modem?

The red light on your modem indicates that there is no DSL signal detected on the line. To resolve this issue, you will need to contact a customer support representative and get them to solve the problem. Once the light starts to glow green and blinks at a fast pace, that means that a signal has been found and the modem is establishing a connection.

How do I fix it?

While you can fix this by contacting your ISP, there is another way to do it by yourself. If the WPS button on the modem is blinking amber or orange, it means that the modem is connecting to a device. If the light doesn’t change after 2 minutes, then you can reboot your modem. If it blinks red, then there was an error connecting. If it continues for more than a minute, reboot the modem. If you still are facing issues, then you should contact your ISP.

Why is my CenturyLink internet light blinking blue?

If the light is blue on your modem, then that means the green DSL cord is not plugged in properly. Check to make sure that it is firmly connected to the modem and wall jack. If it is still blinking blue after 5 minutes, then that means the service is not connected to the jack. In that case, all you can do is contact the CenturyLink customer support team and explain the issue to them and they will help you resolve it.

Why is my CenturyLink internet light blinking red and green?

If the light on your modem is flashing red and green alternatively, that means that your CenturyLink modem is trying to establish a connection. How you will know that the connection has been established is when the modem light flickers green and then turns solid green. If your light keeps blocking green and red, you should contact a customer support representative.

Why is my internet connecting but not working?

This happens when there is an old network driver or a corrupted one. This causes interference with the connection. To confirm this, you will be able to see a yellow mark next to your network device name or in your adapter. Go to “Network adapters” and right-click on your network name to see more.

Why is my internet connected to my phone but not working?

In the case of a phone, the first thing to do is to turn it off and then turn it on. This refreshes your phone and so, it solves about 50% of the problems you face. You can also try to toggle your Wi-Fi off and on again to see if the internet is working again or not. If not, there is some issue with the connectivity and you should go ahead and contact your local retail store.

Why is the internet light flashing on my CenturyLink modem?

A flashing or blinking light on your modem indicates that your modem is having difficulty connecting to the internet. Double-check to see if all the cable connections are tight and secure. Reboot the modem and router and once you see a solid green light, it means that the connection is successful.

How do I report a problem with CenturyLink?

In case, you want to contact CenturyLink for any problem, you can do that with the contact information provided on their website. CenturyLink gives 24/7 support to its customers. You can contact them for troubleshooting tips to resolve your issues quickly or have a technical team come in and do it.

What lights should be blinking on my router?

The light should be white if your router is connected to the internet. If the light is blinking white, it means the router is working to establish a connection. If the light is amber and is not blinking, it means the internet connection is down because of configuration issues. If the amber light is blinking, it means the connection is down due to hardware issues.

What does it mean when no lights are visible on the modem?

If there are no lights visible on the modem, it means that the modem is not plugged in properly. Check the cord and ensure it’s plugged in properly. If you still cannot see any lights, it means the outlet is a faulty one. 

Will resetting my router mess up my internet?

When you reset the router, all your current network settings do get lost, but it is not necessarily a bad thing. The Wi-Fi network, password, etc. are all erased. It is just like when you factory reset your phone. So, it will just be like starting over.

How do I reboot the modem?

Simply unplug the power cord at the back of the modem. Confirm that all the lights go out on the modem. Wait for a minute or two and then re-plug the modem. Once the power light turns green, it means the modem is on. Now, you just wait for the other lights to turn on, and then you’re good to go. To know which color light represents what, you can scroll up and read through the questions given above.

What happens if there is a breakdown in my area?

One possible reason for the internet not working in your area could also be that CenturyLink internet is having a breakdown in your area. To confirm this, you can contact CenturyLink customer support team and ask them. 


We hope that this article answered all your questions regarding issues with the internet, modem, and router. To know more about CenturyLink and its internet and home phone services, you can go to BuyTVInternetPhone to find the plans and packages being offered by it. You can also find other details like contact information, conditions, pricing, and more. If you feel like you don’t want CenturyLink, and would prefer another service provider, you can find packages and plans of other well-known service providers like AT&T, Spectrum, Cox, etc. on the website. Moreover, you will find them area wise so you don’t need to worry about checking if they’re available in your area. 

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