The kedarkantha Trek – Trip For This Winter

by rashywings

Kedarkantha trek is one of those that ring a bell assuming you contemplate the symbol winter trek as a novice. Arranged in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand, this is the ideal path for the people who are at first anticipating their first trekking experience in quite a while. From dawn to nightfall, thick woods, frozen lakes, all encompassing perspectives on Himalayan pinnacles, setting up camp under the stars, bonfires,s and an ideal however remarkable experience of trekking in the Himalayas, Kedarkantha is the ideal excursion for you.

This hypnotising trek is encircled by the magnificence of mountains. Shrouded in shining radiant white snow, the trek presents an amazing perspective on the lofty and gigantic mountain ranges. The concealed magnificence of nature, the remotest towns, the glades, and the snow-shrouded ways all come extremely close to this trek.

Decorated with the beguiling excellence of mountains the spot is situated in the elevations of Uttarakhand, settled at a tallness of 3819 metres for example 12,500 feet.

The distance isn’t a lot of testing and is neither troublesome nor excessively simple, which empowers the absolute first-time trekkers to wander into this magnificence of nature at its ideal. Kedarkantha Trek is the ideal excursion for all nature sweethearts to loll in the magnificence of amazing mountains shrouded in snow. The Trek is situated in the Garhwal area in Uttarkashi region. Otherwise called perhaps the most straightforward trek of the country.

The all encompassing regular perspective on the mountains gives an absolutely exhilarating encounter to the trekkers where you can see lovely mountains in Dehradun. The 10 hours’ drive from Dehradun to Sankri won’t ever cause you to feel depleted, rather you will be charmed by the serenity of the mountains. There goes along Govind National park in the manner, which is very known for its prospering greenery.

The exhilarating drive drives you to the headquarters of Sankri. Situated at a height of 6,455 feet. Sankri settled somewhere down in the scopes of the Himalayas. The perspective on you encompassed by the mountains will establish a never-ending connection with your brain.

The trek initiates from Sankri towards Juda ka Talab. Arranged at an elevation of 9,100 feet, this spot is almost 4 kilometres from Sankri. The excursion takes you to the thick backwoods covered with maple and pine trees.

Another eye-getting view is the Himalayan langurs swinging as far as possible round to the most noteworthy trees.

Pushing ahead through crossing a couple of streams, one can see Juda ka Talab, which stays frozen during winters.

Summers make this Talab encompassed by more plant life, giving a stunning perspective on the area.

Features of the trek


The Kedarkantha Trek has amazing camping areas and landscape one would never find elsewhere. Juda-Ka-Talab campground offers you a chance to camp almost a frozen lake, covered with a thick timberland of pine trees and maple trees. The wild setting up camp night under a sky covered with stardust gives remarkable delight to your spirit. You can observe different campgrounds at a few distance beneath the culmination and it gives picturesque perspectives on wide land covered with white captivating snow. The dawn and dusk from this camping area should be visible as the best perspectives ever, in any case, dawn is seriously hypnotising when seen from the highest point of the culmination. While heading to your return, you can track down one more charming camping area, from where one can see the unbelievable perspectives on Har Ki Dun Valley.

Trek course

Kedarkantha trek begins from Sankri and an excursion is raised up and afterward you return through another course yet finish at a similar place where you get everything rolling which is Sankri. The most amazing and agreeable thing about this course is you observe the prettiest perspectives, that each way drives you to. As you climb towards Kedarkantha, you can see yourself confronting a few difficulties, for example, strolling in the profound snow which turns out to be exceptionally thick as you move up. Snowfall is the prettiest thing about the trek, which just the fortunate ones can observe. This trek is best between Mid-Decembers to Mid-February where the possibilities of snowfall are exceptionally high. Loaded up with waterway streams, rough clads, harsh ascensions, wide glades, and thick woodland, this trek makes your excursion seriously intriguing and exciting. You’ll be charmed by the astonishing magnificence of the locale while trekking through the lavish glades, thick backwoods of maple and pine trees, and crossing the wild streams.

Kedarkantha Summit

The unbelievable view is encountering mountains and their excellence from the highest point. Kedarkantha top gives you an astonishing 360-degree view of the Himalayan reaches. This beautiful excellence can’t be communicated by means of words. You might get to feel Goosebumps when you set foot on top of the highest point and that feeling is indescribable. The perspectives from the pinnacle are stunningly perfect.

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